On our boots,
in our blood

Discover the difference between liking the move earth, and living to move earth.

On Site

Essroc CKD Pile #1

Location: Logansport, IN
Dirt Moved: 215.000 Cubic Yards of earth moving
Area Graded: 7,800,000 Square Feet of grading
Stabilization: 40,00 Square Yard of slope stabilization blanket
Aggregate: 1,500 Ton of stone aggregate for storm water channels

All of this and more to be substantially complete in less than 120 days while working in an operating mine with slopes in excess of 70'. No worries, we'll rock it.

Grissom Air Base

Demolition, Drainage, and Restoration

Location: Grissom Air Base, IN
Demolition: Over 1,500,000 Square Feet of concrete and asphalt
Fill: Import 42,000 Cubic Yards of earth
Pipe: 2,600 Lineal Feet of 72" pipe and 6,000 Lineal Feet of 8" pipe
Restoration: Regrade, restore, and re-seed over 54 acres

Removing and restoring old taxi-ways, filling in depressions, and improving drainage. The challenge: Keep work moving while staying out of the way of the JETS!

Essroc Limestone Quarry

Location: Logansport, IN
Dirt Moved: 58,000 Tons (Imported)
Area Graded: 250,000 Square Feet Clay Liner
87,000 Square Feet Topsoil
Stone Crushed: 30,000 Tons of Limestone
Sand Placed: 18,000 Tons (Imported)

Essroc Limestone quarry produces cement, which means they also produce a lot of cement kiln dust. As a result, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management requires them to build a cell.

After blasting, Star Excavating crushed the ‘shot’ rock and used it to create a base layer. Next, we will import low permeability clay to build a containment cell. Once the cell is full, we will cap it just like a landfill. All of this is taking place under MSHA regulation. Let’s rock.

Living Essentials

Location: Wabash, IN
Dirt Moved: 70,000 Cubic Yards
Area Graded: 120,000 Square Yards
Storm Sewer: 2,900 Lineal Feet
Sanitary Sewer: None
Water: 4,000 Lineal Feet

Living Essentials, the maker of the “5 Hour Energy” Drink, is expanding again. A year after we developed their initial complex, we are adding 400,000 square feet of building pad. What energy crisis?

New Hope Church

Location: Huntington, IN
Dirt Moved: 4,000 Cubic Yards
Area Graded: 11,000 Square Yards
Storm Sewer: 24 Lineal Feet
Sanitary Sewer: 70 Lineal Feet
Water: 180 Lineal Feet

This might be a small job, but it has a big impact. A design-build project including rock excavation, a 10,000 square foot building expansion and a 20,000 square foot parking lot. Heavenly.