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Site Design

One of the most important steps

in the site design/build process is establishing the project team. When a design/build team is involved throughout the concept design, a deep understanding of the project is established. This enables the team to identify and overcome obstacles during the design and planning stage rather than later in the actual building phase. This approach provides maximum quality and accuracy; increased cost savings; and more accurate budgets. Best of all, involving the team from the start substantially reduces the amount of time needed to complete the job.

The South Adams School Pre-K 8th grade, dedicated on July 23, 2009, is a perfect example of the team-oriented approach in action. This project was completed 15 months versus the typical 24 months. It also was completed at $133 per square foot in comparison to the 2007 average of $157.81 per square foot (Indiana Department of Local Government Finance School Construction Report, January 2009).