On our boots,
in our blood

Discover the difference between liking the move earth, and living to move earth.

The Star Story - 50 Years in the Dirt

Our ancestors were rugged individualists who shaped this country. Working the ground is in our DNA, from the days on the farm to mass excavation today.

For the Knecht family, it’s always been about the earth. From cultivating the ground to grow food, to moving earth to grow a business – dirt is on our boots and in our blood. So no one was really that surprised back in 1962, when Eldon Knecht began taking small excavation jobs to help support his family.

The Knecht family has an entrepreneurial spirit. Soon, Eldon’s son Lon joined his father in the family business. While Lon could have focused on one area of the construction industry, he charted a different course. Lon began to explore a wide range of new business opportunities – from Agriculture to Industrial, Commercial Business to Environmental Preservation, Residential Subdivisions to Landfill Cap and Closures, and even Public Sector Air Base projects, Highways, and Schools. Today, Star Excavating stands as a symbol of what a little “can do” attitude, and a true love for what your doing can accomplish.

Lon’s adventurous approach to the business has established Star Excavating as an industry leader. Whether it’s training, equipment, or technology, Star Excavating has led the way. Advanced training in management, software, technology, equipment, production, and safety has built a team of professionals who know the industry inside and out.

If there’s a new way to do something better, faster or more efficiently, Star Excavating is all over it. From vibratory rollers, to laser grading systems to GPS controlled grading systems, we have been the first to embrace the latest tools and technology. We also lead in the software technology arena with such programs as AgTek, Auto CAD, Spectrum, and Hard Dollar. Just like our ancestors, we are not afraid to blaze new trails.

In the future, we plan to transform Star Excavating from good to great. We intend to be the leading excavating company in our industry. How will we get there? By committing to being solution-oriented leaders that set the standard of excellence. By boldly taking on new challenges and opportunities, and pushing ourselves personally and professionally to be the best we can be. Because at the end of the day, we all know that being a part of the Star Excavating family is the difference between liking to move earth, and living to move earth.

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